Friday, July 12, 2013

July Update

Tomorrow "A Favor" happens at Saturday Story-Time! And it's about time, too. This story will be accompanied with a picture by Appletumble, Ballerina! Last week it was PascalCampion with the astounding Hot Night Summer in the City, next to "Good Omens". Pascal's work is frequent and fantastic, and with every picture he puts up my respect for his ability grows.

I've already started to work on the story that will appear on July 27th, but I'm not sure if it will be traditional. It could end up being longer than normal, and so I may either:

1) Split the story and release the second part two weeks later, or

2) Not upload a story on the 27th, and instead post the whole darn thing all at once on August 10th. Currently leaning towards option 1.

The story itself excites me, because it has the perfect mix of elements that I love to write with. And, every time I will sit down to write it, I will listen to this song. The idea inside the story I'd had for a while, since reading 1984 though it won't be Dystopian or totalitarian in the slightest, and when I thought of this song, it all fell into place.

'Till next time.

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