Friday, August 20, 2010

Yo Blog, you get a Haircut?

Yes I did, in fact. You like? don't. Too bad.

It's amazing how our perceptions of things can change. With time, with maturity, with age. An old man may look back at a life that is being lived by a teenage and they could be thinking two different thoughts. You could watch a movie for the first time in ten years and not remember anything but a single scene.

Can you determine what the entire movie is about from this picture?
In case you wondered, the movie's name is "Hey There, it's Yogi Bear!" and is 46 years old. A kid who was seven or eight when it came out would be clamoring to see a movie featuring everyone's favorite smarter-than-the-average bear. Now if you asked a seven or eight year-old if he liked yogi bear he'd probably ask you what kind of music he sang.

If you get a tattoo now, will you still like it in a year? Did you even like it when you got it? 40 years from now will you wish it was a simpler time when you didn't have to plug anything into the socket just above your temple to read the news? When you wish you could just use a screen? Maybe. Or maybe the Venusians will have sucked out your brain.


Even just ten years ago was an age different from now. No Ipod. You want music? LISTEN TO CDS! Found a cool video on the web? It's only 200 megabytes. Oh wait, you have dial-up. And at 56 kbs per second - if you're lucky - a 200 megabyte video would take you 60 hours to fully download. And nobody would be able to use the phone or it would all be lost.

I've always been okay with a slower time. Things happened and you happened along with them. Too many things happen and the brain builds up a tolerance, resulting in a need, an addiction for more things to happen. Not enough things happen, you get bored, and you will eventually develop a stunted attention span. Which leads to sites that bombard you with quick jokes about cats in boxes.

Maybe being invaded by Venusians won't be so bad.