Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleepy...Something...Something About Sleep

After I got done with work today, I gave a guy I know a hug. He's always reminded me of a teddy bear and so I gave him a hug. Due to improper placement, his shoulder dug into my throat. He's tall. I thought that was really funny.

While carrying a package for work, I almost did that thing where you hold a long thin thing and you run into the edges of the door, but the package can't go through, and get the wind knocked out of you by the package. It wasn't long enough, but if it was long enough I would have done it.

These and other things happened. These are not normal events. Why did they happen (or almost happen)? Because I am tired.

Being tired kind of sucks, because for me it's like being drunk without being able to get drunk. He's the quick story:

I fell asleep on the couch last night at 10:30, got up at 11:15, and fell asleep in my proper place at 11:30. Before I even fell asleep I was having a repeated image of a stick figure getting hit with a fish in the face running through my head. No, wait, he was wearing a fish hat. That makes much more sense. I woke up at 3:30 A.M. and my brain decided to not fall asleep until five. I got up ninety minutes later for work.

Being that kind of tired makes you question things. Like, how do you get to the post office? (Which is a question I asked myself twice today) How does food go? Where are my pants?

These aren't my pants, they're someone else's. Not mine. Mine have ties. I wonder if I could shoot arrows from the ties? They'd have to be tiny arrows. Oh, there they are. On my legs.

Every once in a while I make up words. Horf. Phaggle. Sink-whipper. Phagglematic. They might mean things in the future, but for now they mean...well...horf.

I manage to stumble through the day with a content smile on my face because I really don't know any better working at that speed. Normal picture? That's funny! Something that somebody said? Really funny! Man wearing a clothes? HOLY HORF THAT'S FUNNY! Everything is nice, and I usually don't have headaches. Sometimes I crash and end up hating everybody. Loud things and bright things are not funny. And I hear buzzing sometimes. Not like a bee, just some droning noise from anywhere, but also from nowhere.

There are hangover fixes, but are there sleep-over fixes? That makes me think about sleeping bags.