Saturday, June 22, 2013

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It's the off week here at Saturday Story-Time, and it's been a while since I posted to the original blog. There was never a consistent posting schedule for this, but I figured I would write about a few things.

First off: Saturday Story-Time is on its sixth story with another one growing. Since I last spoke, three stories have arrived. First there was The Hungry River, a fantasy story about a Palace Guard subjected to torture that he does not deserve. Second, there was the bit-sized Find the Exit, a story that starts strange and gets stranger, and last week was the debut of A Carnival to Remember, a . . . thriller? Horror? Let's go with horror.

Also starting last week was a current-story link on the right side of the screen, with a picture appropriate to the story's subject matter. The current picture is from the talented Eric Freitas, who makes interesting clock structures and other dabblings in 3D art.

It was difficult to decide which story to write for next Saturday. I started one idea, a fantasy story begun by a poem (which I must admit I feel pride for), but realized it was very similar to a world I had already created. So, I switched and started to write a short story set in that world. I noticed, though, that there wasn't enough backstory to the world.

I wrote a novel, you see, about a group of people called the Guards of the Earth (also the title of the book). These people are picked from birth, and their magical potential culled, eventually taking a familiar and choosing to protect the earth from magic and those that would abuse it, set in present day and our familiar Earth.

So that short story idea was put aside, perhaps to return to in the future, and I started on an idea I got a few days before, of a woman who gets visions of the future, but only those of a specific nature. What normally happens did, and a few days ago the story became clear. I expect it to be 10k words at the most, and will appear on June 29th, bringing to a close the first 3-story month for Saturday Story-Time.

Edit: And you are able to subscribe to Saturday Story-Time via email, which hovers under the current picture on the right, waiting for your gentle click.

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