Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Posterity

"Let's make a pact, right here and now, that if any one of us invents time travel, the first place that person should go is that table five seconds from now." Matt spoke and gestured commandingly to the table next to us. All four of us stared at the table for five seconds. When nothing happened, we returned to our Wendys.

"Darn, that was a good try," Danny said.

"Are any of us going to write this date down?" Rob asked. "What if we forget it?"

"Is today the eighth or the ninth?" Danny asked. "What if we get the day wrong? We'll probably show up tomorrow, wondering where we were. 'Were we here?' 'I thought we were.' 'Maybe we'll be here soon.' 'Do we have any plutonium left? Maybe we should try the next week.'"

"Where would we be able to get Plutonium in the first place?" Matt asked.

"Kenyans," Danny answered.


"I think future Rob knows that current Rob is too poor to help him out in any way," Rob said.

"But what if future Rob brings a big suitcase full of future gold to give to current Rob?" Danny asked.

"Future Rob will probably forget to bring it."